Our Philosophy

Why Core?

CORE is committed to providing a cost-effective and eco-friendly method for maintaining BRAND IMAGE standards.

CORE staff builds personal partnerships with EVERY client. We work with each Brand and each location to assess needs and understand end goals. Whether we are doing a national refresh campaign or evaluating each location individually, CORE delivers with the highest quality and professionalism.

Evironmentally Friendly

Your Corporate Responsibility Achieved

A partnership with CORE provides a solution that complements increasingly important sustainability initiatives. National brands are focusing more and more on conservation efforts. Using CORE's proprietary process and products keep these brands looking fresh and vibrant without depleting our natural resources, while provide substantial savings (thus economic growth and profit), and keeping perfectly good materials OUT of landfills.

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We Care About the Environment

How is Sign Refurbishment Eco-Friendly?

Refurbishing with Core is not only more sustainable for the environment, but also exceedingly more energy-efficient than manufacturing and installing new signage. Utilizing existing signage allows CORE to preserve the integrity of your brand, maximize visibility and ultimately, profitability.

We Prevent Unnecessary Plastic Pollution

Core's proprietary products are specifically designed for onsite application to plastic, metal, and vinyl substrates thus prolonging the life of your capital assets. Additionally, signage is made from Series 7 plastic which is made up of mixed resins. This type of plastic is only accepted by scant facilities across the country, so more often than not they are discarded in landfills when it is no longer being used.

Environmentally Friendly

OnSite Refurbishment Experts

With over 10 years experience working with National Brands, CORE understands your customers and your business. Most of all, we know YOUR Brand Elements and how to keep them looking NEW.

Our technicians are trained and certified in both our process and our products. With ongoing training and Quality Assurance checks, we are able to give an unprecedented 3 year warranty on all coatings work with a life expectancy of 5+ years. Our detail-oriented team, seamless project coordination, and commitment to customer service ensures each project is completed satisfactorily and synergistically.

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